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Mediation is widely recognized as an effective means by which to settle commercial disputes without proceeding to an arbitral or court adjudication. It is, in essence, settlement negotiations that take place with a neutral and impartial mediator. The most important decisions that the parties must make in proceeding to mediation are: when the mediation will take place; and who the mediator will be.

Mediations take many forms. There are no fixed rules. Mediations should be designed to fit the dispute and to fit the parties. Provided the parties are willing to negotiate with a view to coming to terms on their respective interest, it is only the rare case that cannot be settled.

Marty brings a wealth of knowledge with experience in mediation in a wide variety of cases. Before proceeding, Marty will review the case, familiarize himself with the parties and their interests, and where appropriate, meet in advance with counsel to design a process that suits the dispute and is the most effective and efficient in the circumstances.

Marty is able to see events from the view of each party. He listens to and acknowledges not only the parties’ positions, but also stays sensitive to emotions during this process. He is nimble, adaptable and responsive to the parties’ interests and is willing to alter the process to meet their collective needs. With a hands-on approach and his care and attention to every detail, Marty is committed to ensuring a fair and respectful mediation process for all involved.

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