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One of the reasons parties choose to arbitrate their differences is so they can obtain a speedy resolution of their dispute by the most efficient means possible. Arbitration should not be litigation in disguise. The arbitration process should not mutate into a private judicial system that looks and costs like the litigation process it’s supposed to replace. Parties choosing arbitration want it to be efficient, proportionate and fair.

Marty’s approach to resolving disputes is tailored to the needs of the parties, the specific circumstances and unique situations. Marty is agile and responsive to the specificity of the parties’ needs and interests, and he will use creative methods to streamline the process to achieve efficiency, without compromising fairness and due process.

Marty’s extensive trial experience in a wide range of areas and practical experience resolving difficult commercial disputes makes him uniquely qualified and able to manage the arbitral process in a cost efficient and timely manner, hear evidence and make appropriate findings of fact, apply the chosen law to the issues raised by the parties and efficiently and fairly deal with contentious issues raised by the parties.

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